Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Trimble has now introduced their CenterPoint RTX service into the Geospatial markets. Not only do you now have the ability to receive 4cm accuracies with R10’s using no base or communications, you also have the use of their CenterPoint RTX Post Processing service. This service is a great alternative to OPUS, especially during this current government shutdown. Simply upload your static receiver files, and get back a corrected position with an accuracy of less than 2cm. Click here for more information.


No Additional Hardware Required

Delivered via L-band satellite, CenterPoint RTX is ideal for geospatial professionals who are not using RTK as the primary correction source. Advantageous in remote areas that lack local infrastructure and/or cellular coverage, the corrections are delivered directly to the GNSS receiver. No additional hardware, including radios, antennas, or even cellular data plans, is required to use the correction service.

Mobile App

Trimble introduced today the Trimble® RTX™ mobile app, built to serve end users across the survey, mapping and agriculture markets. Using Android smartphones and tablets, the Trimble RTX app enables the Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX post-processing service and the RangePoint™ RTX service activation portal to go mobile. The Trimble RTX app also offers a series of satellite utilities including a skyplot, information regarding satellite status, and signal-to-noise ratio graphs.

In this initial release, the CenterPoint RTX post-processing features include:

– mobile device to GNSS receiver data transfer via Bluetooth; no need for USB keys or thumb drives

– a library of global and regional coordinate systems where users can select the most appropriate system for the job

– job progress alerts 

– in-app reports of processed results

– support for a variety of Trimble receivers including the Trimble R10, the Trimble R8 (Model 4), the Trimble R6 (Model 4), the Trimble NetR9™ and the Trimble NetR5

The free Trimble RTX app is available for smartphones and tablets using the Android operating   system. Available now, the CenterPoint RTX post-processing feature operates on Gingerbread or higher. The RangePoint RTX self-activation feature, available in the fourth quarter of        2013,requires Jelly Bean or higher. To download the app, go to Google Play™ Store or visit: